Rocky Mountain Planning Group, Inc. provides one-of-a-kind financial planning solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet your needs. We believe a goal is just a dream with a timeline and we are here to help you create that blueprint.

Located in Avon, CO, we work with clients both domestically and internationally, including business owners, executives, multi-generational families, and individuals. As a family-run business, we develop long term partnerships, while guiding clients through various life stages.

Providing Classic & Advanced Wealth Management Solutions Since 1994

Financial Planning

Our mission is to establish a uniquely personalized course of action we call “a financial roadmap” for each client. We integrate into this roadmap the necessary financial decisions that need to be made at various crossroads in life. Our decidedly personalized, high-touch classic financial planning process ties together all aspects of a client’s situation, objectives and goals in the most efficient and complete manner.  Our long-term and multi-generational client relationships exemplify the success of our process.

Investment Planning and Management

Whether it is to grow assets, preserve assets or generate income, we assist clients in establishing realistic investment goals. By integrating asset management into their financial plans, we help clients coordinate and achieve their desired outcome.  We do not adhere to the “one-size-fits-all approach.” Client portfolios are constructed based upon each client’s financial situation, risk tolerance, liquidity need, life stage and long-term objective. To monitor, we meet with clients on a regular and ongoing basis.

Tax Planning

We review tax returns to determine if there are strategies that we can implement to reduce taxes paid. We conduct an analysis of a client’s financial situation to ensure tax efficiency, utilize deductions and integrate loss offset where possible. While taxes will not determine the investment strategy, we often work directly or indirectly with clients’ accountants to utilize the best tax strategy possible.

Education Planning

Depending upon whether we are working with a parent or grandparent, we assess the total education funding needed and make recommendations regarding the best vehicle to utilize for each separate education funding need. Since so many strategies and options are available, we look to integrate clients’ specific objectives with those of their retirement and/or estate planning.

Retirement Planning

We conduct retirement income and needs analysis in such a way that we factor into the process, mortality assumptions, inflation considerations, risk factors, cash flow and investment management. We incorporate risk tolerance and address the “what ifs” in various scenarios. We consider several factors including long-term care considerations, additional expenses during retirement and periodic extra expenses.

Estate and Charitable Planning

We assist clients with one of the most personal and complicated aspects of estate and charitable planning: transferring wealth. Whether the goal is to not outlive your assets, transfer money to your family or make gifts to a favorite charity, it is critical that your estate plan reflect this. Part of our process is to review your current estate situation and make recommendations based upon your goals and objectives. Charitable planning can fit nicely into being altruistic,  reducing taxes and receiving a lifetime income, but needs strategic planning. Fitting all of the financial pieces into the puzzle can seem overwhelming, but we can help.

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